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About Us


It all started with an idea.

Dallin Connell, our founder, was out rock climbing one day when he was forced to bail off a route. When a climber bails off of a route mid-pitch the climber has no choice but to either leave expensive gear or risk safety as they leave the wall. That just wasn't good enough for Dallin. He believed a climber should never have to choose between safety and equipment -- so he went to work.

After a year of development and over 40 different iterations and countless lab and field tests, the "Firefly" was born.

DC Mountaineering is committed to innovation that stays true to the spirit of the outdoors and enhances the overall experience in them. The Firefly is the first of its kind and will be joined by other outdoor products that enable all those who explore the tools to do so.

We’re route setting, pushing limits, and doing things that have never been done all while preserving the heritage of mountaineering and empowering the climber!