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Train without Fear

The worst enemy to a climber's progression is the wall the climber never attempts.

Never be stopped again with the Firefly! The Firefly is a revolutionary piece of climbing equipment that allows a climber to recover a quickdraw from any height, so if it’s your first clip or your 15th, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the Firefly. Feel the freedom of climbing without boundaries. Climb, set, lower, pull -- it’s that easy.

First, attach the firefly to the top quickdraw. Second, thread a small cord through the hanger and attach it to the firefly. Third, rappel to the ground then pull the cord to operate the Firefly after your weight is off the rope, detach the quickdraw from the hanger and bring it all down from the safety of the ground.

The Firefly allows you to push yourself to try harder climbs without the added stress of potentially losing gear. This gear is for climbers who want to become better.

The Firefly

Save your gear, save your wallet

  • Gear-Saver

    Never worry about losing precious gear again! The innovative design of the Firefly allows you to get your gear back no matter how high up it is!

  • Light-Weight

    Weighing in at just .6 ounces this little guy will easily be the lightest gear on your rack. 

  • Adjustable

    The Firefly works with most carabiners! Rest assured knowing that you can quickly get your last quickdraw off the wall regardless of size!


How does it work?

The Firefly uses a patent-pending system to open the gate of a carabiner and lift the carabiner up and off a fixed point. 

I just realized I can’t finish the climb, now what?

First: attach the firefly to the top quickdraw.

Second: thread the cord through the hanger and attach it to the firefly and you are all set.

Third: once you rappel to the ground and weight is off the rope, you can then pull on the cord to to release the quickdraw from off the hanger.

It’s as easy as 123!

What keeps the carabiner from coming off before you are on the ground?

In order for the Firefly to operate, the climber's weight needs to be off the climbing rope. This allows the quickdraw to lift off the hanger -- if the climber's weight is still on the quickdraw the system is unable to lift up and off.  

When should I attach the Firefly to a quickdraw?

The Firefly can be attached to any draw at any point of the climb. You can leave it on one draw, but personally we prefer to attach it to top draw right before bailing or ending the climb (that way you don’t have to worry about which draw to use when climbing).

What happens at the quickdraws below?

After attaching the Firefly to the last quickdraw, the climber cleans while repelling down, the same way they would with any other route. The device will take the top quickdraw off the wall once you are safely on the ground.

Does it work with hangers that are bolted horizontally?

Yep, without an issue!

How heavy is it?

Only .6oz!